Bowel Cancer Australia

Bowel cancer is Australia’s second deadliest cancer, and the rates of young-onset bowel cancer (diagnosed under age 50) continue to rise. It is a disease that affects men and women almost equally, of any age. But the good news is that around 99% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated if detected early.

Bowel Cancer Australia is the leading 100% community-funded national charity dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, quality treatment and care so everyone affected by bowel cancer can live their best life.

We’re determined to have an everlasting impact where no Australian dies from bowel cancer and all those diagnosed receive the support they need.


$25: can provide a newly diagnosed patient with an empowering Resources Pack.

$100: can help connect two patients or loved ones through our Peer-to-Peer Support Network.

$1000: can fund a part-time Bowel Care Nurse per week.

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