About Us

One Gift Wonder is an Australian social enterprise. Our aim is to connect people and charities through better gift-giving.

At One Gift Wonder, we believe there should be a greener and more socially responsible way of celebrating birthdays and other significant life events. Birthdays for example are such a special time, especially for children, and we believe it provides a fantastic opportunity to encourage everyone to consider the importance of supporting a cause close to their heart as a way to celebrate their milestone event.

Giving to charity can sometimes be a tricky topic to broach with children, so at One Gift Wonder, we try to make it as tangible as possible for children to relate to and understand.

We want to make it easy for families to have more socially responsible celebrations by taking the stress out of searching for presents, and we want everyone to feel empowered when they realise how easy it is to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. We want to change the world one gift at a time.

Our Founder

Hi! I’m Eileen, the founder of One Gift Wonder.

I am a wife and mother of two and a dog lover. Having hosted a number of parties for my children (human and furbaby) over the years, I’ve been astounded by the explosion of gifts my children and furbaby receive from friends and family. My children would inevitably end up with duplicate gifts (that I would try to either donate or regift), or toys they barely played with or don’t play with at all – which I find to be incredibly wasteful. Not to mention the amount of wrapping paper that would go to recycling or landfill.

Driven by the desire to find a way to curb the excess of gifts, eliminate the wastage, and to teach my children about the value and importance of giving, generosity, empathy, and kindness; One Gift Wonder was born.

I hope you will join me on our journey to changing the world one gift at a time by creating your One Gift Wonder campaign today!