Red Tree Foundation / SIDS and Kids SA

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Association of SA Inc is one charity offering two vital services.

Red Tree Foundation

The Red Tree Foundation provides free grief counselling and bereavement support for any family in the South Australian community impacted by the sudden and unexpected death of their baby or child from conception to 17 years of age.

After the death of a child parents need to learn to live again in a world that does not include their child. Parents have to adjust to a new normal and this can take time and support. At Red Tree Foundation we walk beside parents to provide this support and the tools to navigate this new normal – helping parents to live after loss. We provide care, hope and understanding as families start to rebuild their lives.


$50: funds a welcome pack with grief resources and journal for newly bereaved parents.

$120: funds a professional face to face grief counselling session for any parent who has suffered the heartbreaking death of their child.

$350: funds 2 home visits for grief counselling, offering hope and continued support.


SIDS and Kids SAEmpowering the community to make informed safe sleep decisions for infants in their care.

SIDS and Kids SA provides safe sleep education and support services to parents, carers, childcare and healthcare professionals. We promote a greater understanding of the safe sleep guidelines with the aim of reducing the number of deaths from SIDS and sleep related accidents.


$50: will help fund our safe sleep information line. This service can include reassurance for new parents, or more technical advice for healthcare and childcare professionals.

$150: allows 6 expectant parents to attend a safe sleep information session to learn how to create a safe sleeping environment for their baby.

$440: funds a community safe infant sleep presentation.

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